‘New Photographic Chemistry’ – video launched

Following the feedback from Assignment Two, I have produced a new, short video about the ‘New Photographic Chemistry’ project. It serves a number of purposes – a general introduction to the project and its origins; background about my creative process (and therefore my practice in general); and illustration of the two ‘returns’ that are key features of the outcomes from the project so far, the return of my images to the original binding of the book that provided the inspiration, and the return of the project to the ‘space’ from which it came, the second-hand bookshop, Daisy Lane Books.

The video is viewable here – ‘New Photographic Chemistry’ – and is also now featured on my website – wherenothingisreal.

I’ve produced the video from stills of the images, stills of the Daisy Lane Books installation, and a few new video sequences shot for the purpose – all supported with a soundtrack of me speaking about the project. I’ve subsequently sought feedback from my fellow students in our hangout group, and from my tutor, incorporating one or two small changes as a result. Thanks to those involved for their support. I’m actually quite pleased with the outcome and see it as a really useful addition to the project that I can confidently link to when promoting the project or otherwise informing interested parties.

And, in the context of further developments, much more planning and preparation is coming up because it has now been confirmed that the work will go on show in its own ‘micro-exhibition’ at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, 30/09/16-01/10/16. There’ll be more on that in this blog in the not too distant future.


Assignment Two Proposal and Feedback



I submitted Assignment Two ‘Publication Proposal’ last week and had a feedback tutorial with my tutor yesterday morning. Key elements from the proposal were:

  • To stage a ‘pop-up’ style exhibition of the ‘New Photographic Chemistry’ (‘Textbook’ officially retitled!) work in the bookshop where I originally bought the second-hand ‘Textbook of Photographic Chemistry’ back in 2014. (That’s Daisy Lane Books, as illustrated above, in an image from my Level One ‘People and Place’ module!!). This event is going ahead from 1-17 July.
  • Potentially, to put on a small but more ‘developed’ exhibition of the work at an established gallery in Sheffield, later in the year, probably October.
  • To promote these in a variety of ways but, potentially, including a ‘presentation/talk’ at said gallery in September.
  • To redevelop my ‘Wherenothingisreal’ website as a showcase for this (and other) work.

Wendy was fully supportive of this approach and had some particularly good thoughts around maximising the benefits to be gained from the bookshop show. She suggests seeing the event as a continuation of the project itself and presenting it (installation images/video/sound commentary from me about its development) on the website – perhaps even retaining some link/reference to it in the shop after the exhibition is over. Her suggestion is that I focus some time and attention to the website development over the next few months – though I have to admit I’m somewhat preoccupied with getting the exhibition together (and another, different one for the local Art Week Fringe).

Another strong recommendation was to enter the work for a Printmaking open event. That surprised me, I have to admit, and she has pointed me in the direction of this. The documentation refers to work that ‘encounters’ print, which mine certainly does, at various stages in its making. So, willingly but with arm firmly twisted (!), I shall be giving it a go.

Still encountering gallery frustrations on other fronts but I’m sure things will get resolved. Lots moving forward (and up to my ears in prints/mounts …).