Assignment Three–done



Nothing to do with Assignment Three (pic) but ‘Happy Christmas’!

And … Assignment Three is submitted and has had very positive feedback as being ‘VG – well done!’ I wrote up two ‘work experience’ case studies, in the end, and it seems to have worked well. It has helped bring home how much I’ve done in the last twelve months – especially when I really got ‘motoring’ with the galleries etc in the last six months or so. There is a link to the essay, below, and one of the conclusions is that it demonstrates that I have, more or less, been working as an artist, latterly, which is what this module is all about. There are other opportunities out there if I choose to push on and make them happen. For the time being, though, it is all focussed on getting my assessment submission ready (oh, and there’s Christmas, of course!).

Assignment Three – ‘Work Expereince’ Case Studies


2 thoughts on “Assignment Three–done”

  1. I really feel the dichotomies involved here. Firstly the issue associated with expectation and I think this is a really difficult issue for the college to resolve. Professional from business have expectations which aren’t bounded by by the seemingly amateur markers that we both have witnessed. And I have to say that the notion of a “can-do” attitude in both fields exist in equal measures.
    And then – for you at any rate – there is the difference between an established institution like Castlefield, with all its Arts Council connections and outreach community as opposed to BSA. I have a sense that whilst BSA have recognised the need for development associated with critical mass -artist, shows, and bums on seats – the parlous financial situation at large may well dampen its opportunities for growth I fear. Castlefield, from our discussions and your description here seemingly offers a lot of scope for the nascent artist. I would try both I think.

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    1. As you probably gathered from the essay (thanks for reading it), I have come to terms with the differences in expectations. It’s a different world, with different people, doing different things; and I have huge sympathy for the dedicated people trying to work in very difficult circumstances. At the same time, though, there are strong similarities between these two environments. Those that ‘make it’ require a similar type of single-minded dedication and focus, energy, willingness to keep on and put themselves about. And that’s no great surprise; the ‘Society of the Spectacle’ is unlikely to work entirely on meritocratic principles! Nothing new there.

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