Assignment Five–Submission and Feedback

Ass 5 Essay


Last week, I submitted my Assignment Five essay, a reflective account of the publication of my New Photographic Chemistry in the exhibition at Bank Street Arts; and yesterday I had a tutorial where the feedback, apart from a couple of suggested extensions, was that it is ‘there’. Not much more to say on that particular issue except to add a link to the essay, here: SYP Assignment Five Essay Stan Dickinson.

There is a second part to Assignment Five, which is to describe how one intends to submit for assessment. Some aspects of such a submission e.g. copies of assignment submissions, tutor reports etc, are obvious; but one is also conscious that this is the final submission for a visual arts based degree. So I have had in mind to produce a more extended version of something that I did for my Body of Work submission. I produced an A4 size Assessor’s Booklet, a sort of guide through my submission, which I hand-stitched as a small bound object, to give it a little extra character. I mentioned that in the second part of my Ass 5 submission and am being encouraged to follow it through – maybe even to do a small hand-made bound book. In fact, my tutor’s suggestions for reference points went a step further, referring to Duchamp’s ‘La Boîte-en-Valise’ . I’m not sure about going that far, but it does occur to me that I might reproduce the scale model of the exhibition (having donated the original to the gallery). Well, it’s either that or a fold-out, pop-up version in the hand-made book (and submission in 2018!).

(Assignment Three was also discussed in the tutorial and is coming together as a project, of which more to come.)


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